Bank of New Zealand

How Bank of New Zealand took control of their Microsoft, Oracle and IBM estate with Certero


Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) is one of New Zealand’s largest banks and has been operating continuously in the country since the first office opened in Auckland in October 1861. The modern-day bank is a subsidiary of the National Australia Bank (NAB) Group and employs more than 5,000 people to provide a variety of financial services covering retail, business and institutional banking.

The Challenge

With more than 9,000 devices and complex infrastructure comprised of virtualization technologies such as VMware, Hyper-V and RedHat KVM, BNZ prioritized a solution which would help it manage its software estate and associated licensing lifecycle management. There were already some utilities in place, so a complementary solution was needed which would protect existing investments and deliver all the benefits of an advanced SAM (Software Asset Management) program at an enterprise level.

Products purchased by BNZ

All products work optimally and holistically on the Certero Management Platform.


The Solution

Given the complex nature of BNZ’s estate, POCs (Proof of Concept) were conducted covering Certero for Enterprise SAM, Certero for Oracle and Certero for IBM, with the express objective of capturing a complete and accurate inventory of the hardware and software estate. This highlighted several positives including ease of configuration and high levels of automation. At the same time the Certero team impressed with their flexible and responsive approach.

Product features highlighted by BNZ

  • Fast and easy to deploy
  • Variety of technology Certero can discover and inventory, especially zLinux
  • Simplicity of entering and recording entitlement, especially Oracle
  • Accuracy and ease of generating ELPs
  • Highly automated, reduced need for manual intervention
  • Single, straightforward user interface
  • Single data source and finger-tip access to information and reports

“Certero’s products are easy and quick to deploy. We now have full visibility of all software deployed across all our systems – from desktop to datacentre – with a clear understanding of how it is actually deployed on the underlying infrastructure. ELPs (Effective License Position) can be created in real time and the easy to use reports mean that management information is readily accessible. Improved visibility, knowledge and far less reliability on manual processes puts us in a position of strength – able to optimise licensing, control costs and investment decisions.”

Bank of New Zealand

Key benefits of the solution

  • Full visibility of the IT investment in hardware and software
  • Reduced effort spent on reporting and carrying out key tasks such as true-ups
  • Fingertip access to all the information needed for effective IT asset lifecycle management and financial control
  • Puts BNZ in a position of strength – able to optimize licensing, control costs and ensure compliance obligations are met

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