Fastest Way to Prepare for the New Wave of Oracle Java Licensing Audits

10 Dec 2018 | Data Center, SAM/SLO, Services, Solutions

From January 2019, new public updates for Oracle Java SE 8 will not be available for business, commercial or production use without a commercial license, sparking fears of a new wave of Oracle Java licensing audits.

While consumer users of Oracle Java SE 8 will be unaffected (such as games consoles), businesses will. Oracle strongly recommends reviewing the roadmap for Java SE 8 and beyond in order to determine ongoing support requirements and assess the impact on business and commercial models. It also recommends preparing migration plans to move from older versions to a later release if they want long term support for Java SE.

What Business Should Do Now

As a result of these changes, companies will need to collect and identify every application that runs Java SE 8 and obtain appropriate licenses to ensure compliance for future audits.

With Oracle’s fiscal year end in coming up in May, the market is fearful of a new wave of audits around that time. In preparation for this, Certero’s Oracle licensing experts recommend:

Identifying and documenting Java SE 8 :
  • The quantity and version of Java related products installed and/or running in your IT estate
  • The footprint of potentially licensable ‘Java Commercial Features’
  • Business critical systems where continued Java patching and support is essential
  • The potential for deploying alternative Java solutions (such as OpenJDK)

Preparing for a New Audits

The fastest way to obtain the data and help plan your future Java strategy in preparation for a new wave of audits is through Certero’s Oracle licensing solution. The product automates the discovery and inventory of Oracle assets and the Java components that they are running and, covers all platforms from mobile to mainframe to cloud. What’s more, the solution can be provided in public or private Cloud as SaaS, so it can be deployed in minutes – not weeks or months.

Once you have a comprehensive inventory of your Oracle and Java assets, you can understand your licensing position and begin moving towards a state of compliance. You can also identify how to optimize your licensing position to reduce costs. If you do not have access to Oracle licensing experts, we can provide additional support to help you prepare for your next Oracle audit.

Find Out More

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