Independent ITAM professionals give the Certero a great review

The independent ITAM Review has reviewed our Certero Management Platform and gave it a glowing review.

The Certero Platform

The Certero Management Platform provides a single, integrated source of hardware and software asset management information. Offering rich, integrated and customizable reporting which allows your to transform data into insightful knowledge. This gives managers access to the information they require in seconds.

This is available across all the major software vendors:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple macOS
  • IBM
  • SAP
  • Oracle

The holistic platform covers Software Asset Management, Enterprise Mobile Management, PC Power Management, Password Reset solutions, complimented by world class services, including SAM Services.

The Review

The review was carried out by David Foxen an expert in the Software Asset Management field and was done on version 5.x which was released in 2015.

Strengths were identified as:

  • Customization widgets for data graphics
  • Very strong technical capabilities
  • Easy-to-generate comprehensive and detailed reports
  • Hardware asset information is very detailed

If you would like to see the product to test it for yourself get in touch below for a free proof of concept.

View the complete report at the ITAM Review

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