Managing your mobile devices

Mobile Device Management

Like it or not the use of mobile devices will be increasing within your organisation. Whether this is through a conscious corporate policy or the advent of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) you need to be able to manage these devices as you would any other IT asset. But what does Mobile Device Management actually mean?

According to The ITAM Review, Mobile Device Management or MDM to give it its correct acronym, is the management of mobile devices throughout their lifecycle. This includes the day-to-day ability to secure, support, monitor, manage and configure the mobile device.

Mobile devices are now pretty varied and cover not just the usual mobile/smart phone or tablet. Everything from printers to POS devices are mobile and so need to be effectively managed. This management broadly falls into 3 main areas:

  • Software application monitoring
  • Data security
  • Device monitoring

Software Application Monitoring

This aspect of MDM is particularly important as many software vendors now allow a single user to install their product on a set number of devices. This includes mobile devices, so you need to have visibility on how many instances of the software a single user is using or has installed.

It is also important for an organisation to monitor the software on mobile devices to ensure users are not using any blacklisted applications. Application monitoring allows you to see what is installed on mobile devices, so no non-standard software can be installed.

Mobile Data Security

Corporate data will be accessed using mobile devices. So, it is vital that this is kept secure at all times – from the server to the device – and kept separate from the user’s own personal data.

Additionally, security and compliance issues, such as users Jailbreaking (iOS) or Rooting (Android) devices can cause security holes that allows others apps or malware to access secure corporate data. So, this must be prevented to ensure your corporate data is secure at all times.

Mobile Device Monitoring

There are a couple of issues here. Firstly, as they are mobile devices, you need to be able to monitor their position and who the user is. Secondly, you need to be able to track the location of the device if it is lost or stolen and be able to wipe it quickly and easily should the need arise.

A good MDM solution should allow you to manage your mobile devices throughout their lifecycle and cover the areas outlined above.

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