Join Certero at SAMS Nordics and Receive 25% Off Ticket Prices

Date: 11th – 12 March 2019

Location – Copenhagen, Denmark

Certero have partnered with SAMS Nordics to offer delegates a 25% discount on event tickets. SAMS Nordic is a two day conference packed with over 30 interactive and innovative sessions. The event will bring together over 120 SAM specialist and over 40 experts will be sharing their views on key topics such as:

  • IT-based company-wide Software License Management: from theory to working practice
  • KPIs for SAM: How to develop and introduce a supporting concept?
  • Using SAM practices to monitor SaaS: what works and what doesn’t?
  • Complex and dynamic environments: flexible SAM approaches and concepts as challenge
  • Audits: How to prevent and handle in a professional way?
  • Virtualization: Software Metering in server architectures and virtualized environments
  • From operational to strategic management: moving from license compliance to SAM

With such a diverse agenda whatever hat you wear or wherever you stand on the spectrum of software licenses, the SAMS Nordic has something of interest for you.

Certero World Café

Moderated by Ric Sterling, Certero will be leading a world café session on the following topic
“Why are organizations losing trust in traditional ITAM and SAM tools? What are the alternatives?”
As software applications from companies like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP and others evolve, traditional SAM tools and the vendors that provide them struggle to innovate fast enough to keep pace with this ever changing IT environment.

  • How long does it typically take to implement a traditional ITAM and SAM solutions?
  • What are the main limitations of traditional ITAM and SAM tools?
  • What features, functions and capabilities do you want in your ITAM and SAM solutions?
  • How do next generation solutions measure up against your expectations?
  • If a next generation solution was available now that had advanced capabilities, would you adopt it?

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