Certero for Enterprise SAM

The world's most advanced and modern software asset management solutions for governing, controlling and optimizing software licenses and costs across all platforms, from mobile to mainframe to cloud

Certero for Enterprise SAM is the software asset management solution that automates complex processes to help businesses ensure vendor compliance and maximize license optimization values.

  • Provisioned in public or private Cloud, on-premise or any hybrid combination, with full functionality and no compromise
  • Cloud deployments can be implemented in minutes – not months – helping you meet your objectives quicker and deliver value faster than you can with any rival solutions
  • Manage, control and optimize software assets across all platforms, from mobile to mainframe to cloud
  • Automate the manual processes and data entry tasks commonly associated with other solutions on the market
  • Works holistically and optimally with all Certero products via the Certero Management Platform, comprising one single data source, one UI and one UX
  • Powerful, interactive and customizable reporting functionality
  • Complimented by Certero’s range of world-class services

License Management & Optimization

Certero for Enterprise SAM offers a range of software asset management solutions, which include 3 individual modules for Microsoft  licensing , Adobe licensing and Generic vendors. Automating the manual processes of software discovery, recognition and categorization, along with the reconciliation and optimization of volume licence entitlement.

Microsoft Licensing and Adobe Licensing Modules:

  • 100% automated recognition and categorization of discovered software into licensable, manageable products
  • ‘One Click’ import of licence entitlement data in seconds
  • Built-in intelligence automatically applies the maximum benefit from your volume licence agreements, such as upgrade/downgrade rights and software assurance
  • Sustains an accurate view of under/over licensing and the compliance position, dynamically maintained as the IT estate changes
  • Facilitates licensing optimization via highly automated intelligence
  • Minimizes manual intervention to maximize value
  • Removes the need for additional costly Licensing Experts

Generic Module:

  • Optimizes licenses for any vendor
  • Delivers built-in major and common licensing metrics
  • Provides the ability to add in associated usage rights and metrics for the vendor in question
  • Automates the application of usage rights and metrics for management and optimization

Access Control and Policy Enforcement

Certero for Enterprise SAM gives you the capability to establish ‘white’ and ‘blacklists’ to define which applications can and cannot be accessed and by whom, ensuring policy enforcement can be easily automated.

  • Automates the enforcement of corporate governance and licensing rules
  • Defines application access against factors such as user, location, device name, IP address, firewall settings and more
  • Provides complete control over what can be accessed, from what device and by whom

Our software asset management solutions include must-have features for organizations that use Microsoft RDS/TS/VDI or Citrix environments.

  • Facilitates rules that can be used to place both device and user restrictions on the software users are able to launch, aiding compliance and minimizing cost
  • Enforces access at the device level to comply with device-based licensing models
  • Provides the required evidence of control to satisfy vendors such as Microsoft and others

Flexible Deployment

Ensuring alignment with your existing infrastructure strategy, Certero for Enterprise SAM can be deployed in public or private Cloud, on-premise or any combination of the two, with full functionality and zero compromise, enabling IT teams to minimize disruption and optimize investments. For those who want these software asset management solutions to be provisioned in the Cloud, deployments can be implemented in minutes – not months.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Certero for Enterprise SAM includes a comprehensive parameter-driven, business intelligence and reporting engine to provide valuable insight in just a few clicks.

  • Cut and dice a vast array of highly granular, dynamic data
  • Limitless report generation possibilities
  • Share dashboards with key stakeholders in the business
  • Schedule reports and alerts
  • Facilitates improved planning, management and control
  • Supports the management and optimization of business critical services
  • Helps to control and optimize software licensing costs


Class-leading connectors are available as part of our software asset management solutions.

  • Enables continued use of incumbent inventory tool
  • New connectors can be built quickly on-demand for any existing inventory solution
  • Supports collection of data from all major virtualization technologies, such as HP, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX, Citrix
  • XenServer, IBM, Linux, Unix, Oracle and more

Supporting Broader IT Management

Certero for Enterprise SAM extends beyond software asset management to support broader IT management requirements:

  • Uses multiple methods to gather software data as accurately as possible
  • Provides the highest levels of data granularity
  • Learns your entire IT network structure
  • Offers fingertip access to valuable information
  • Minimizes time and costs associated with IMACs (installs, moves, adds and changes) projects
  • Optimizes Service Desk and end-user support resources

Financial Management and Cost Controls

Certero for Enterprise SAM helps you keep on top of software asset license expenditure through cost recovery and cross charging. It enables you to create rules to automatically set known costs for common items based on a range of available criteria. Alternatively, you can elect to manually define costs for exceptional items.

  • Improves overall visibility of the true cost of software asset ownership
  • Automates your internal cost charging and/or recovery policies
  • Supports financial and commercial business functions by providing the ability to see the costs associated to licensing risk within the business
  • Reports on organizational units, locations and a wide range of other criteria
  • Ensures you are not wasting money on unused licensed

IT Asset Life-Cycle Management

With our software asset management solutions you can track asset ownership by manually or automatically associating software assets to their owner, which can be used in conjunction with organizational unit and location based data to understand asset ownership by region or business function.



Control Costs

  • Reduce under licensing and over-deployment
  • Combine with Certero for Enterprise ITAM for policy based SAM
  • Automate unused software re-harvesting
  • Minimize total cost of ownership
  • Improve your negotiating position and purchasing arrangements

Enhance Compliance

  • Minimize the impact of vendor audits
  • Limit impact on resources and operations
  • Limit legal and financial exposure
  • Keep your reputation intact
  • Achieve continuous compliance

Minimize IT Security Risks

  • Identify and locate malware
  • Identify unauthorized applications
  • Manage and control application access and usage
  • Reveal unpatched software applications

Management and Productivity Improvements

  • Support transformation programs
  • Better quality decision-making and planning
  • Improve end-to-end processes
  • Enhance user experience

Ideal Standard International

See how one of our customers implemented Certero for Enterprise SAM to overcome their Software Asset Management challenges across their international IT estate.

☆☆☆☆☆ – 5/5 starts published 2018-12-18

Certero have been a pleasure to work with. We really tested their solution and found it to be fast, intuitive and user-friendly. But more importantly, we tested Certero capabilities as a service provider. We challenged them to think outside the box and find solutions to suit particular requirements. Certero proved themselves to be big enough to deal with Monash demands, yet flexible enough to respond quickly to meet unique requirements.”

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Commercial Manager, Monash University

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