Certero for SAP Applications

SAP asset management solutions automate SAP license management processes to maintain compliance, avoid risk, optimize usage and prevent overspend

SAP asset management software, Certero for SAP Applications, performs the complex analysis of licenses across your SAP estate, including Digital Access, to create an optimized view.

Certero for SAP Applications simplifies the challenges of managing and optimizing all your different license types by providing real-time visibility of how SAP is really used and how this effects your license position and compliance.

  • Provisioned in public or private Cloud, on-premise or any hybrid combination, with full functionality and no compromise
  • Cloud deployments can be implemented in minutes – not months – helping you meet your objectives quicker and deliver value faster than you can with any rival solutions
  • Compile comprehensive inventories of all hardware and software assets across all platforms, from mobile to mainframe to cloud
  • Works holistically and optimally with all Certero products via the Certero Management Platform, comprising one single data source, one UI and one UX
  • Powerful, interactive and customizable reporting functionality
  • Simplifies and automates complex IT hardware and software asset management processes
  • Improves IT governance and security
  • Complimented by Certero’s range of world-class services

Inventory of SAP Systems in a Controlled Environment

With SAP asset management software, Certero for SAP Applications, nothing is installed on your SAP systems. This is important, as any SAP license management solution must have minimal impact on the SAP systems that help operate your business. Designed with this consideration in mind, Certero’s solution uses SAP standard interface technology (remote function calls or RFCs) to extract data and update SAP in a performant manner. This is the only demand on your SAP system, as from that point data is fully managed within Certero for SAP Applications: all reporting and analysis is performed outside of SAP, removing any risk of affecting business critical systems.

This approach has an additional benefit where organizations have multiple SAP systems: all of the data is pulled together into a single reporting platform, providing a complete SAP inventory. Again, all of the analysis and optimization is performed in Certero for SAP Applications without any risk of impacting production environments.

Custom or Non-Standard License Metrics

With our SAP asset management software, all of those elements that were once a challenge to track and monitor become straightforward. Your SAP Administrator defines exactly what needs to be measured using out of the box capabilities:

  • Named User licensing is managed by the creation of a rule set that is configured in line with your SAP contract
  • Package measurements can be defined to extract the data relevant to either SAP standard metrics or customer-defined metrics. Measurements can then be run or manually entered

The results from the user and package analysis feed directly into the license reporting to provide a real-time view of compliance against even the most complex of custom metrics.

Certero for SAP Applications will also produce trend reports against the bespoke metrics to provide a day-by-day or month-by-month account of the measurement. This is exceptionally useful where the bespoke metrics are defined against a fixed number of SAP systems across a defined period of time, as you can see the ‘trend’ and start predicting future utilization.

Risk Analysis and Control Module

The Sarbanes Oxley Act, and its European equivalent, places clear responsibilities on companies establishing and testing procedures and internal controls for financial reporting. A key part of this is understanding and managing risk, particularly when it relates to the use of computer systems.

With regard to your SAP system there are 2 main areas that need to be considered in this context:

  • Segregation of duties – users with a combination of access that can lead to financial loss
  • Critical access – users that have a single level of access that is deemed critical

Certero for SAP Applications’ ‘Risk Analysis and Control Module’ has been specifically designed to help you deal with these challenges and is only available from Certero. Information is provided on users and roles that have the potential to perform and carry out actions associated to risks. It offers:

  • Rule Sets – enables the analysis of risks in one or more SAP systems
  • Owners – can be defined and associated to a risk or critical action
  • Roles – analysis of assigned roles and authorizations to help identify potential conflicts of interest
  • Usage – role and transaction usage by user to help identify where risks may have been realized
  • Violations – notification of violations allowing action or mitigation to be undertaken

This facilitates an understanding of the scope of sensitive functionalities and segregation of duty conflicts behind key business processes, as well as enabling the identification and mitigation of any conflicts among the SAP user population.

SAP License Optimization

Our SAP asset management software presents your licensing opportunities and risks by reporting on your baseline position and then the optimal position based on usage, yet still aligned to any specific contract terms that may affect the license.


This is a representation of your current license assignments across your SAP systems after applying named user normalization and license reconciliation. This is similar to what you would submit to SAP using their standard tools (i.e. LAW).


The optimal view takes into consideration how each individual actually uses each specific SAP system and recommends a license type per system they use which is then consolidated to the highest license type across systems which should be allocated to the user in question. This is a deep and complex analysis that often results in users needing a lower value license, or in some cases no license at all. Both of these outcomes represent a significant cost reduction opportunity, or provide leverage for negotiating with SAP across your entire enterprise.

All of this analysis and optimization is completed outside of SAP, so users are able to analyze, optimize and review as an ongoing process, thereby ensuring SAP licensing is kept as streamlined as possible. Certero for SAP Applications will even cater for “what-if” scenarios, allowing you to explore different approaches to licensing your SAP estate.

Named Users

During the collection of data from multiple SAP systems, Certero for SAP Applications performs normalization of all users’ accounts to help identify what is needed in terms of named users who have access to SAP, along with the highest level license each requires.

This initial set of data provides what our SAP asset management software calls a “baseline” compliance position, which is the license requirement based on what has already been allocated to individuals across your SAP systems.

All of the usage data that is associated with the individuals is also collected. This includes, among other things, the role assignments and CCMS data. These elements, together with other intelligence about the configuration of your SAP systems and your license entitlement, are used to provide optimized compliance reports and highlight any areas for streamlining Named User licensing.


Another complex area to manage is the measurement and validation of packages (formerly known as engines). First, we have the SAP standard metrics for a relatively small number of packages. These packages are measured by LAW and you have little or no visibility of your compliance until LAW is run, which means that there is a high risk of being out of compliance and being faced with un-budgeted expense. The measurements may also not be correct as you may not have actioned any notes and patches related to each measurement.

Then there are the customer defined metrics where it is left to you to either disclose manually collected data or information from company reports to ensure the measurement is complete.

Certero’s SAP asset management software collects the measurement data, both calculated and manually entered, and ensures the numbers are correct so any dispute with SAP over a particular metric can be resolved.

Digital Access

Digital access has been a contractual reality for some time. It is a complex topic full of grey areas and it not simple for you to assess whether an interface with another application, reporting tool or portal constitutes digital access or not. SAP audit activity is becoming increasingly focused on identifying digital access within their LAW measurement and, if found, the penalties can be significant. Most SAP customers need help to identify and quantify the exposure so that they can mitigate the risk and optimize the size of any exposure prior to discussions with SAP.

Certero’s SAP asset management software can handle the identification of digital access and work with you to identify the licenses, if any, required to assure compliance while making sure that you are not over-licensed. We can also advise of the best way to handle discussions with SAP regarding your usage.



Certero for SAP Applications automates complex manual processes and data entry tasks, providing a real-time view of your compliance position and supporting license optimization initiatives.


Easy-to-use, flexible, highly automated, you can proactively manage your SAP estate and optimize usage. Makes the complex straightforward


Removes complexity and reduces manual effort required to assess the optimized license position, by performing a deeper and more relevant analysis of your deployed SAP systems. You can then update SAP with the changes to licenses and retire any idle users identified, so that LAW will then report on your true license position


You can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that there will not be any nasty surprises in your discussions with SAP, where you will be presenting them with their own data


Rules-driven, rich-data approach eliminates those tasks which previously had to be carried out by SAP licensing consultants, probably on multiple spreadsheets


No threat of disruption to your business-critical operations as nothing is installed on SAP


Offers the highest level of optimization so from day one you start to see the value of Certero


Remove the mystery and complexity of SAP licensing, putting you in control, optimizing utilization, minimizing cost and assuring continuous compliance


Risk analysis reporting helps address financial and security control challenges. The system can be set up to provide notification of violations allowing action or mitigation to be undertaken


Works holistically and optimally with all Certero products via the Certero Management Platform, comprising one single data source, one UI and one UX. This means administrators can reach operational competency quickly and with minimal training overhead, whilst on-going support is simplified and overall costs reduced


Parameter driven BI reporting transforms all your raw data into useful knowledge, allowing you to manage all your software assets across your entire IT estate efficiently, effectively and dynamically


Certero’s solutions are all genuinely Cloud Ready Now


With Certero’s SAP asset management software in your corner, you will never be unprepared for a licensing conversation with SAP again

Read the white paper to learn more about the challenges of SAP licensing and how best to address them.

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