Software Recognition Service

Software Recognition Service transforms complex data into simple, actionable information to improve software management, control and optimization.


Software Recognition Service filters out the noise and turns data into intelligence

Capturing an inventory of all the software installed across your IT estate will return a vast list of meaningless data, inefficient for effective Software Asset Management (SAM). Transforming this raw data into a list of licensable software titles is a complex, resource-intensive task. When you consider the thousands of applications in a typical IT estate, the work required to update and maintain the associated definitions soon becomes both time consuming and costly.

Deciphering the Data

Inventory data, whether captured from one or multiple sources, initially takes the form of a list of raw data of minimal use to SAM managers and other stakeholders across the organization. Deciphering the data to build a meaningful list of software (title, vendor, release date, version and edition etc.) is a major challenge that requires a professional Software Recognition Service.

Ease the Burden

Certero’s Software Recognition Service eases the burden of having to investigate and reconcile raw data against licensable software. It processes data from multiple inventory tools, transforming it into meaningful information about the applications being used across the IT estate.


Certero’s Software Recognition Service Simply and Easily Recognizes 100% of Applications.

Certero’s Software Recognition Service (SRS) delivers 100% software recognition. The service is underpinned by our Software Recognition Database (SRDB), which bridges the divide between installed and licensable software, translating complex data into simple licensable products and making licensing and compliance much easier.

Comprehensive Software Catalog

The Certero SRDB is a comprehensive catalog containing hundreds of thousands of software applications and thousands of software publishers. The catalog is updated daily; so if a vendor releases a new product, or you purchase a new piece of software for a new employee, the software is researched, recognized and dynamically updated in the SRDB.

The software recognition service can provide a transparent view of any software estate, which can help you to justify investment and gain support from senior management to ensure that IT is continually run as a business.

Transforms Raw Data From Any 3rd Party ITAM Tool

By using the manufacturer Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) software is accurately categorized, eliminating user errors.

  • The Certero SRDB can transform raw data from a Certero inventory or any third party ITAM tool (SCCM, Altiris, LANDesk, FrontRange and more) into simple, licensable products.
  • All clients in the network are inventoried by Certero’s inventory.
  • Inventory identifies all installed applications using definitions and rules, informing if an application requires licensing.
  • Unidentified applications are sent to Certero and will be processed within a 30 Day Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Analyzes and identifies the applications.
  • Retrieves updates of the definition file.

Alignment to UNSPSC

The SRDB is aligned to the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC). Use this categorization, for example, to search for software that performs similar functions to identify consolidation or optimization opportunities – or perhaps identify those software categories you would rather not have within your infrastructure.

Additional Date Attributes

The SRDB also includes both ‘End of Support’ and ‘End of Extended Support’ dates. These dates are of particular importance to organizations when planning technology refresh and long term support strategies. This enhanced information enables enriched queries and reports to help business planning.

  • Support transition initiatives for end of support software to ensure you remain on supported releases of your business critical software.
  • Help identify security risks for software no longer supported by vendors.

Software Recognition Made Easy

The Certero SRDB analyzes and identifies all software and automatically categorizes commercial and non-commercial titles, allowing you to focus on software where your investment and risk lies. It will:

  • Identify all commercial and non-commercial applications, providing information on licensable applications
  • Deliver real-time license compliance to ensure that any new software installed is identified removing the risk of leaving your organization exposed to unlicensed software

Our experienced support staff, undergo intensive vendor training on how to identify and manage their software. Software deployments are matched against software products from all program members ensuring the most common and latest software is quickly accounted for in compliance reports.

Automated Software Recognition

The cycle of reporting unrecognized files and software within your organization to Certero for categorization via the SRS, and then receiving the updated SRDB, can now be completely automated. Once enabled, this ‘fire and forget’ approach means that your SRDB is continuously maintained and updated.

Support for Software ID Tags

The service includes support for ISO/IEC 19770-2 software identification (SWID) tags and it is possible to display all SWID tags discovered across your infrastructure.





Combines data from hundreds of thousands of PCs from across the globe, which means that all customers benefit from a much larger pool of software information.


The Certero team of SAM experts regularly update the software recognition database to ensure you have the most accurate information possible.


Identifies all commercial applications that require licensing and any unidentified applications are automatically sent to Certero for analysis.


Software is categorized by Certero freeing up both time and resources for business critical tasks.

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