Vendor Audit Response

Help is at hand to minimize the impact



It’s only a matter of time before you get hit with a vendor audit

According to leading industry analysts Gartner, you now have a 68% chance of receiving one or more software vendor audits every year. So, if you haven’t had one already, the chances are you soon will.

Audits cause disruption

An audit is typically very disruptive. Generally it will come out of the blue, leaving you little time to consider your options, prepare or plan. Key staff members usually have to be diverted from scheduled work, having a knock-on adverse impact on day-to-day business operations or causing delays to critical projects.

Audits cause pain

If the disruption of an audit isn’t enough, the end results will, in all likelihood, cause considerable pain. Any identified under-licensing will need to be paid for, resulting in unbudgeted cost, usually at a time when you least need it. In certain cases, non-compliance can also result in costly fines which often brings the unwelcome attention of the media and damaging bad publicity.


Certero’s Vendor Audit Response Service : Helping to minimize the pain and disruption

We have helped many organizations prepare for and defend against software vendor audits. Exclusively utilizing Certero people, processes and technology, we have developed a tried and tested 5 stage approach.

Governance and control

We will help you establish your team and identify and assign the key roles, responsibilities and tasks that need to be carried out for a successful defence.

Asset discovery and inventory

To produce an inventory that is accepted by the vendor you need an automated tool like Certero for Enterprise SAM. As, and if, there are any gaps in the inventory identified, these will be addressed using a mix of supplementary scripts and/or manual declarations.

ELP generation

Reconciliation of deployment and usage data against your entitlement data to produce an Effective License Position (ELP). This will typically be a spreadsheet and a report and provide the basis for vendor negotiation.


You need to decide straight away how, when and who will be communicating with the vendor during the engagement. Further considerations include: how messages are to be distributed throughout your organization; that a state of “communication lock-down” now exists between you and vendor until further notice and finally that any and all communication must come through the engagement team.

Entitlement discovery

Collection of proof of license entitlement for the vendor’s products. This is a demanding job, which should not be underestimated, especially if your organization is one that may have poor records of its entitlement. Once these have been obtained, you need to interpret the contract phase terms and conditions. This will then enable you to create a baseline entitlement for your organization.




Expert, independent, guidance through every step of the process.


Absolute clarity behind your licensing agreements and associated entitlement.


Help minimize operational disruption and limit impact on your day-to-day business activity.


Help with vendor interaction and negotiation.


Provision of supporting evidence to challenge vendor assertions.