Certero's Unique Architectural Advantage

Our unique Architectural Advantage is the game changing innovation that the ITAM and SAM market has been waiting for


It is not uncommon for organizations to experience difficult challenges provisioning a full end-to-end ITAM and SAM solution as SaaS, because traditional tools have been designed and still require parts of their solution to be on-premise.

For example, ITAM functionality (discovery and inventory) may only work on-premise, whereas the SAM functionality may be delivered as SaaS – this is not an end-to-end ITAM and SAM solution in SaaS. Given that ITAM and SAM applications are usually required to run on a server, then if the ITAM functionality runs on-premise it will require a server. Provisioning servers on-premise is a time consuming, costly and difficult process, which slows down deployment and time to value. Additionally, that server will have to be managed with all the costs and challenges associated with that, such as patching, upgrading and so on.

Some solutions try to circumvent the need for a server by providing an agent that runs on your IT assets. That agent would collect inventory data, collate it and feed it into the SAM solution that is being provisioned as SaaS. However, what you may not know is the inventory data that is not SAM related is completely discarded and there is no inventory enterprise application to use. So in effect you have surrendered 90% of an inventory solution, because the SAM solution will not be able to manage or present the inventory data that has been discarded. Essentially what you could end up with is a tool that produces inaccurate and incomplete data, which would invalidate your analysis and increase the risk of subsequent business decisions being incorrect.

Another key challenge with current solutions is their capabilities are basic due to low levels of automation. The consequence is that the gaps in automation have to be filled manually by expensive and skilled resources, which are hard to find. Although the market has matured in terms of knowledge, skills, awareness and expectations, the technology has not kept pace with demand. We believe poor technology is holding the market back when it should be driving it forward, and our unique Architecture Advantage is designed to address this.

Trying to deliver a SaaS only ITAM and SAM solution with the challenges we have discussed, can present the following problems:

Incomplete Data

SAM tools discard large amounts of valuable ITAM data, which leaves you with an inaccurate and incomplete inventory

Poor Automation

When it comes to data, your SAM tools lack basic levels of automation that forces you to do all the heavy lifting

Not End-to-End SaaS

Reliance on an on-premise ITAM solution or incomplete inventory data being held in a SAM tool

Slow Time to Value

As a result of legacy technology, SAM tools can take months to implement and longer to deliver value


Our unique Architectural Advantage is the game changing innovation that the ITAM and SAM market has been waiting for.

Through our unique Architectural Advantage, which we call ‘The 4P’s’, you can access our Customer Center and download our Provisioning software. Once done, you can Provision one or multiple Platforms. Once done, you can then activate one or multiple Products to meet your requirements. This can be done as quickly as 12 minutes. Once done, you can connect your IT assets to the solution you have just Provisioned and this is done via our Point-Device technology, which can be done in 3 minutes. Yes, a solution ready to start your SAM journey in as little as 15 minutes.

Note, the Point-Device technology removes the need for on-premise servers and all of this is automated, which saves you the pain and hassle you typically experience with other solutions. True innovation!


Download Provisioning software from our Customer Center


Provision one or many Platforms


Activate the required Products on your Platforms


Build connectivity between IT assets to be managed and your Product/Solution

All of our solutions, which are packed with advanced and unparalleled levels of automation that work straight out-of-the-box, can be delivered as SaaS without ANY loss of functionality – and zero compromise.

What this means is you can get an end-to-end hyper-scalable ITAM and SAM solution in the cloud, with a single pane of glass view, one UI, one UX and single normalized data source, that covers all of your assets, from Mobile to Mainframe to Cloud, for all your vendors, including Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP and many more, all in a matter of minutes.

Trusted by organizations world-wide. “With Certero, it’s just a better experience”.



Our Architectural Advantage ensures you get hyper-scalable, end-to-end ITAM and SAM solution via SaaS, that deliver the world’s highest levels of quality, automation and data accuracy – all in matter of minutes.


Hassle free implementation that is done in minutes – not months


Accurate and complete data from a single source, out-of-the-box


Total coverage, from mobile to mainframe to cloud, for all vendors


Complete visibility of the IT estate through a single pane of glass view


Delivered as true SaaS, with no loss of functionality and no compromise


Best of breed products that work individually or holistically


Advanced levels of automation that work straight out-of-the-box


All complemented by Certero’s range of world-class services

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