Software Asset Management Solutions

Meeting your SAM challenges, from audit defense & compliance through to true software life cycle optimization

ITIL may define Software Asset Management as “…all of the infrastructure and processes necessary for the effective management, control and protection of the software assets…throughout all stages of their lifecycle” but at Certero, we know SAM is made up of many different challenges.

That’s why our solutions are designed to help you deliver:

Full Software Inventory Across Multiple Platforms

The foundation to successful Software Asset Management is to know exactly what software is deployed across (and beyond) the network. Certero for Enterprise ITAM gives you complete visibility of software installs and usage across Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Cloud and Mobile devices. Software audit data is cleansed and normalized with Certero’s Software Recognition Database.

Audit Defense and Software License Compliance

Whether you’re defending against a software audit, or proactively ensuring that your organization is managing its compliance risk, Certero for Enterprise SAM gives you the tools you need, including bulk uploads and processing of license entitlements, automatic application of upgrade and downgrade rights and volume licensing conditions, dynamic Effective License Position (ELP) calculations and vendor-ready compliance reports.

Software License Optimization

Beyond compliance, Certero for Enterprise SAM helps organizations optimize their license position with unrivalled insight and the automatic application of licensing intelligence designed to establish the most advantageous position for your most important software publishers.

Software / Thin Client Access Control

Typically a major headache for organizations using Citrix and Microsoft RDS/TS/VDI technologies, Certero for Enterprise SAM puts you in control of managing access so that both user and device-based license schemes can be optimized, avoiding over-paying due to not being able to enforce access control policies.

Software Distribution

Manage your entire global application estate from a single location with Certero for Enterprise ITAM’s software distribution features.

Self-Service AppStore

Certero App-Center enables Software Asset Management programs to empower users to self-select and provision applications and services from a centrally-managed enterprise AppStore, populated by the SAM team in partnership with ITAM, ITSM and procurement.

The Certero Unified Platform Advantage

Certero enables customers to meet all these Software Asset Management challenges – and many more – thanks to its Unified Platform which integrates advanced SAM, ITAM and ITOM functionalities into a single technology solution.

+ Why Certero’s Unified Platform is better for you
  • Multiple deployment options – SaaS, on-premises or hybrid

  • All products one on unified platform – no expensive or brittle integrations

  • ITAM, SAM & ITOM in one technology

  • Hassle-free maintenance and product updates

  • Satisfy the needs of multiple stakeholders with one platform


Beyond technology: SAM Services

Certero’s products and solutions are complemented by a wide range of inventory, compliance and optimization services delivered by our global team of SAM and ITAM professionals. Unlike most SAM tools vendors, our services are delivered by our own teams, not sub-contracted partners.


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