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The Challenge

Finding a tool set vendor or solution provider capable of delivering all the benefits of IT hardware and software asset management across your entire IT estate, whatever your circumstances, is a major challenge.

Your Tool Set Vendor May Have the Technology, But Lack the Services

You may be confident you have selected the right technology to meet your requirements. But what about service and support? Can your chosen technology provider offer a comprehensive in-house capability? Can they help you implement a SAM program effectively and efficiently, ensuring you derive maximum benefit and ultimately become fully self-sufficient?

Your Solution Partner May Have the Right Services, But Are They Underpinned With the Right Technology?

You may have selected an excellent solution provider, able to offer all the services you need, but are they using the right technology or approach? They may be dependent on highly-specialized manual processes or use tools based on legacy technology. This may be fine while you have the partner in place, but how will you ever become self-sufficient without the latest technology, offering the highest levels of automation, minimizing the need for manual intervention?

Having the Right People Is Key

The ability to provide the right level of support or services necessary to help you successfully implement a SAM program, comes down to one key thing: people. If you want to build your own in-house capability around a particular technology, you will need a tool set vendor with the skills and experience to provide the initial training and support necessary to bring staff up to speed as quickly as possible. Equally, if you opt for a Full or Partial Managed Service solution, you will want to ensure that it is delivered by a partner able to deliver outstanding results, consistently and as cost-effectively as possible. If you fall somewhere between the two – and ultimately want to transition from Managed Service to self-sufficiency – then it is absolutely vital that your selected partner has the necessary flexibility and knowledge-transfer skills to help you get where you want to be easily and efficiently.

Flexible Deployment Is Vital: Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid

Your chosen solution has to be quick and easy to implement, with the necessary flexibility to fit with your particular requirements and align with any existing infrastructure strategy.


Certero: Your One-Stop-Shop for IT Hardware and Software Asset Management

World-class solutions underpinned by world-class technology, services and people.

World-Class Technology

The most advanced, highly automated, end-to-end coverage of the entire IT estate. Certero’s suite of highly automated hardware and software asset management solutions covers all the key software vendors, including Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, IBM and SAP. It does not matter if you are running Linux or Unix in the datacentre, Windows or Mac on the desktop or Android and iOS on the go, with Certero products we have got you covered. Agent-based, agent less or standalone, you will always have full visibility of your devices and software.

  • Certero for Enterprise ITAM
    Automating the discovery and compilation of the world’s most comprehensive IT hardware and software asset inventory
  • Certero for Enterprise SAM
    The world’s most advanced and modern solution for managing, controlling and optimizing software licenses and costs across all platforms, from mobile to mainframe to cloud
  • Certero for Cloud
    Deliver all the transformational benefits of Cloud whilst protecting your organization from Shadow IT, Cloud Sprawl and Bill Shock.
  • Certero for Oracle
    Automate license management processes to maintain compliance, avoid risk and prevent overspend with Oracle software.
  • Certero for SAP Applications
    Performs the complex data analysis of user and package license metrics and creates an optimized view of license requirements.
  • Certero for IBM
    Detailed and accurate discovery of IBM software coupled with highly automated compliance and optimization.
  • Certero App-Centre 
    Enterprise self-service portal for application deployment, enables users to efficiently browse, request and receive the software they need in minutes.
  • Certero for Mobile
    Highly cost-effective solution to addresses the key challenges associated with Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM).

World-Class People

  • Certero’s people possess the highest levels of professionalism, skill, experience and innovation, combined with an on-going commitment to quality, continuous improvement and customer service excellence.
  • We take a proactive, consultative, practical approach to understanding and addressing customer challenges.
  • Our mind-set is creative, flexible, agile; we are disruptive and seek new ways to challenge the norm, not asking ‘why?’, but ‘why not?’

World-Class Services and Process

Applying industry best-practice and conforming to ISO and ITIL standards to deliver a comprehensive range of services, from one-off projects to full managed service. Certero services are only ever delivered by Certero people using Certero technology.

World-Class Deployment

All of Certero’s solutions come with a range of flexible deployment options, tailored for any circumstance.

  • Quick and easy implementation.
  • Complete range covering private and public Cloud, on-premise or any hybrid combination of the two.
  • Ensures alignment with existing infrastructure strategy, minimizing disruption and optimizing investment.

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