The Certero Management Platform

Ground breaking and completely unique, Certero’s best of breed solutions are genuinely free from legacy and all run on the Certero Management Platform, meaning they can operate individually or holistically as one solution – with one single data source, one UI and one UX



Are you having to manage multiple solutions, from multiple vendors, all with disparate user interfaces, data sources and no means of generating meaningful intelligence? If the answer is yes, then the Certero Management Platform is the solution you need.

As IT infrastructures have continued to develop and increase in complexity over time, so have the challenges of managing the associated hardware and software assets. Successfully addressing these challenges requires new solutions that in turn tend to be introduced and adopted sequentially. SAM tool set vendors have traditionally introduced solutions which only cover a certain part of the overall SAM challenge, e.g. to managing licensing on Windows desktops or optimizing Oracle licensing in the datacenter. As a consequence, many organizations have had no choice but to provision multiple solutions from multiple vendors. All these different systems have disparate data sources, infrastructure, interfaces, resources, stakeholders and no way of gaining one single view: all resulting in massive cost and confusion. There is also no opportunity to even start to analyze a single set of interlinked data and establish intelligence which could be so valuable to decision making and planning.

Do Not Believe the Hype

You will hear some SAM vendors saying that they have a platform, even a platform solution, but what do they mean by platform? If what is offered is a portal which provides a basic point of access to subsets of data, which is actually taken from separate products or disparate solutions, then this is more akin to a portal – not a platform. It is a front, a veneer which addresses none of the key challenges that a true platform can solve. The Certero Management Platform is a genuine platform, unique to Certero.

Unnecessary Cost and Complexity of Managing Multiple Products From Different Vendors

The constant struggle of managing multiple, disparate solutions from numerous providers puts a continual strain on IT management and adds unnecessary levels of cost and complexity. Each solution will often have its own deployment requirements, needing specific infrastructure and associated support; so just making it work in the first place can be challenging. But what happens when things go wrong? What if there are inter-dependencies between systems? Add in multiple data feeds and the different needs of particular users. What about introducing and integrating additional solutions required to address new challenges as IT infrastructure continues to evolve? What if solutions are based on legacy technology; product updates or version upgrades will probably involve costly migration. It can all quickly add up to a nightmare and finding a quick resolution to even the smallest problem can be impossible. The Certero Management Platform provides the solution.

Disparate Data and No Access

Multiple solutions mean multiple data sources and a continual uphill struggle to access the information you need to enable effective management, improve control, manage risk and deliver cost savings. In fact, studies have shown that SAM Managers spend up to 70% of their time trying to access data simply for the purposes of management reporting. Even if data can be found, it will still be disparate, require repeated cleansing and only represents a point in time view. Accurate, highly granular, dynamic data, traversing multiple systems, is vital for effective decision making. This is the opportunity presented by big data and it can only be realized with a single platform solution.

Multiple User Interfaces and No Common User Experience

Different solutions have different user interfaces and often vary considerably in functionality. Not only are users faced with the inconvenience and disruption of switching between systems, there is the need for training and on-going familiarization as updates or new versions are introduced. The overall user experience is inconsistent and can quickly lead to dissatisfaction, which in turn can result in poor performance, errors and inaccurate results. Imagine if you could have one common user interface – with the Certero Management Platform you can.

Poor Reporting and Business Intelligence

In addition to the challenges of accessing a single source of data is the requirement to be able to translate data into meaningful information. A powerful and flexible business intelligence and reporting engine is essential in order to cut and dice data in any way desired, and display the results as clearly as possible. The ability to undertake scenario planning and easily compare and contrast results simply is not possible without the necessary reporting capability. Such powerful, flexible reporting is often lacking for even standalone systems, never mind across multiple systems. This can only be addressed with a single platform solution.

Inability to Integrate With ITSM or Other Systems

The benefits of having a single platform does not stop with ITAM and SAM. We can take a broader view and consider the whole discipline of ITAM, SAM and ITSM, which of course are all in the same category of ITIL. Imagine being able to have a fully integrated solution working across the three towers and delivering the best possible user and management experience, all highly automated and providing a wealth of data that is easy to transform into knowledge and available exactly when needed.


The Certero Management Platform Is Completely Unique and Unrivaled

Providing easy, single pane of glass management of the most complex IT estates, the Certero Management Platform has been designed from the ground up to specifically address the challenges you face in the world of IT hardware and software asset management and optimization. It allows you to manage and report effectively across your entire IT estate, whether it be on-premise, mobile or in the cloud. Certero’s best of breed solutions are genuinely free from legacy and all run on the Certero Management Platform, which means they can work individually or holistically and optimally as one, with one single data source, one UI and one UX – truly unique and unrivaled. This enables the delivery of a comprehensive business intelligence and reporting engine, giving users and decision makers the ability to cut and dice a vast array of highly granular data, which in turn facilitates improved planning, management, control and optimization.

In building the Certero Management Platform we separated out the core elements common to each solution across data, forms, management and reporting. This ensures that we have the key functionality in one platform. No matter what the solution – be it for Windows, Oracle, IBM, SAP etc. – you have one single data source with one UI and one UX to navigate round all of them. High levels of automation come as standard with all Certero’s solutions and adoption is quick and easy. Gone are the days of having to suffer ineffective tools, fork out for expensive experts or fund excessive infrastructure, support or training costs.

Removes the Pain of Managing Multiple Products From Different Vendors

With the Certero Management Platform it is quite simple: it solves all the problems associated with having to manage multiple products from different vendors. You will just be managing one platform, from one provider, designed to work straight out-of-the-box. In the highly unlikely event of a problem, we can sort it out quickly and with minimum disruption.

Certero offers a modular approach specifically designed to be able to give you maximum flexibility, with each element able to stand up and perform in its own right. Once you deploy a particular solution element, you have access to the Certero Management Platform and can, quickly and easily displace other technologies with complementary Certero solutions at your leisure, without any high switching costs.

The single platform approach also makes it simple to develop modifications, enhancements or incorporate new features as IT infrastructures continue to evolve. Gone are the days of having to find a new solution because your existing provider does not have one.

One Single Data Source, Covering Mobile to Mainframe to Cloud for All Vendors

The Certero Management Platform delivers one single, dynamic data source, facilitating all the associated benefits of having access to real-time information. With all of Certero’s products working holistically and optimally on the Certero Management Platform, we provide one single source of data for all IT hardware and software assets across all your available platforms, from mobile to mainframe to cloud, covering all your vendors, including SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and so much more.

Reporting and Business Intelligence Turns Data Into Knowledge

Certero’s comprehensive business intelligence and reporting engine – Acquaintia – employs a parameter driven interface with graphical output and gives users and decision makers the ability to cut and dice a vast array of highly granular, dynamic data. This facilitates improved planning, management and control, as well as helping to optimize the delivery of business critical services. Rather than delivering a pre-defined – and hence limited – set of reports, users are able to cut and dice the data as they wish, making report generation limitless. There is no need to write scripts or request development to produce a specific report. Ask any question and in a few clicks you will have the answer. It is all on hand, at your finger tips. Learn more 

Rapid Time to Solution and Value

The Certero Management Platform enables all of our products to work either individually or holistically as one solution, with one single data source, one UI and one UX – truly unique to Certero.

Equally unique to Certero is the ability to provide the Certero Management Platform and all of our products in public or private Cloud, on-premise or any hybrid combination, with no loss of functionality. This means that if you want a full or partial Cloud-based solution, you do not need to compromise with functionality and quality. Everything works in the Cloud with the same full functionality as they do on-premise, and being provisioned in the Cloud means we can deploy them in minutes – not months.

All of this means that with Certero you can deliver value for your business faster than you can implement any rival solutions.

Fully Integrates With ITSM Tools to Provide the Richest IT Management Experience

The Certero Management Platform provides one of the most functionally and information-rich solutions for the provision of integrated data into traditional IT service management solutions, such as ServiceNow. This integration enhances both your SAM and ITSM processes in order to drive value around the implementation of an existing or new solution.

Providing a single ‘pane’ of data that is normalized through the platform products, enterprises are able to populate their central CMDB and ITSM solutions for both hardware and software, regardless of their technology platform.

The combination of ITSM solutions and the Certero Management Platform provides the most comprehensive Configuration Management System, Software Asset Management and License Optimization solution, with the ability to extend your IT Service Catalog.

A Common User Interface Facilitates Rapid Uptake, Productivity, User Satisfaction and Accuracy

The Certero Management Platform’s common user interface is simple to use and delivers a consistent user experience across multiple solutions. Minimal training facilitates rapid uptake and users are able to execute their duties easily, efficiently and accurately.




Provisioned in public or private Cloud, on-premise or any hybrid combination, with full functionality and no compromise


Deliver value to your business faster than you can implement any rival solution with our Cloud provisioning, which can be implemented in minutes – not months


Gain complete visibility of all IT hardware and software assets across all your platforms, from mobile to mainframe to cloud, and all your vendors, whether they are SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft or something else.


No longer do you have to struggle with managing multiple, disparate solutions from numerous providers


One single data source and business intelligence engine gives you fingertip access to the dynamic information you need to improve control, manage risk and deliver cost savings


Flexibility: fully integrates with any existing investment in ITAM or SAM tools meaning you can add or replace at your convenience


Certero’s solutions are all genuinely Cloud Ready Now


Not a portal solution but a true single platform, able to deliver all the benefits of real-time, dynamic data across the entire IT estate, regardless of architecture


Fully Integrates with ITSM tools to provide the richest IT management experience


Overcome the constant struggle of trying to find the data needed for effective management and decision making


A common user interface reduces costly and time-consuming training, minimizes disruption and enhances end-user satisfaction


Future-proof: as IT infrastructure and licensing programs continue to develop, updates, version upgrades or integration of new solutions can be implemented seamlessly and easily, with minimum fuss and no disruption


Highly automated by design to reduce manual intervention, putting you in control and minimizing reliance on scarce and expensive licensing or SAM consultants

Andy Hopkirk, Head of Research at Socitm, says a platform provides the common foundation for a range of digital services. He describes in this video how it is important to achieve the right balance between “people, process, technology and data” in its development, and ensuring it has the flexibility to build for things that change.

Andy Hopkirk

Head of Research, Socitm

…IT leaders are increasingly realizing that traditional/siloed approaches to asset management often lack the insights necessary to respond quickly to business needs…

Solution Brief: The Business Value of Software Asset Management, October 2016


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