ITSM Integration

ITSM Integration solutions enable the integration of IT Asset Management (ITAM), Software Asset Management (SAM) and IT Service Management tools to provide the richest IT management experience



ITSM Integration solutions extend the benefits of a single platform

The benefits of having a single platform does not stop with ITAM and SAM. Why can we not take a broader view and consider the whole discipline of ITAM, SAM and ITSM, which of course are all in the same category of ITIL. Imagine being able to have a fully integrated solution working across the three towers and delivering the best possible user and management experience, all highly automated and providing a wealth of data that is easy to transform into knowledge and available exactly when needed.

A Practical Example

Let us suppose a user needs a particular software application, which requires an associated hardware upgrade in order to perform optimally. Imagine if the whole process, from the initial request, through to the user actually having the software installed and ready to use, could be managed automatically and seamlessly. All elements, including: requisition, authorization, checking any existing availability or re-harvesting possibilities, sourcing, purchasing, IMAC requirements, update of asset management and licensing optimization systems, training, support, asset life cycle management, employee attrition etc. all taking place on time and at minimum cost.


The Certero Management Platform Enables ITSM Integration With Any Tool

The Certero Management Platform provides one of the most functionally and information-rich solutions for the provision of integrated data into traditional IT service management solutions, such as ServiceNow. This ITSM integration enhances both your SAM and ITSM processes in order to drive value around the implementation of an existing or new solution.


Agent or Agent-Less Discovery

Utilizing Certero’s own comprehensive agent and agent-less discovery technology, we are able to deliver a network scan of all domains and sites to understand the composition of the entire estate, including all hardware and software attributes. We are able to detect:

  • All Windows devices
  • Network, printers, routers and firewalls
  • All Virtual and thin-client devices, server and desktop
  • Apple including iOS devices
  • Android and Windows MD
  • UNIX and LINUX Servers
  • Oracle Instances
  • SAP sites

Collate and Cross-Reference Inventory Data

Certero’s inventory solution is able to collate all of the data, cross-reference hardware and software attributes, identify all software on the network and then automatically cleanse and normalize the data – including vendor name, application name and version – before it is imported into the CMDB.

Integration With Third Party Discovery and Inventory Tools

If called for we can use our data ‘integrators’, allowing data to be imported from third party discovery and inventory solutions, including:

  • Active Directory, providing time stamps, profile data
  • ITAM – including SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager), LANDesk, Altiris
  • IBM ILMT, Big Fix
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Azure
  • Office 365
  • Amazon Web Services
  • And more

Software Normalization

Certero’s Software Recognition Database is able to recognize applications from thousands of software publishers and can cleanse data from any third-party inventory or discovery integrations.

One Single Source of Data

Providing one single source of data enables enterprises to populate their central CMDB and ITSM solutions for both hardware and software, regardless of their technology platform.



The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) can be automatically populated with cleansed and normalized software inventory and usage information, together with accurate and granular hardware configuration data from all devices in use across the IT network. This allows you to:


Improve the accuracy and delivery times for problem resolution


Improve the interaction of service desk data with accurate asset data


Improve the user experience by providing service support with updated data


Reduce the cost of service support by improving operational efficiencies

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