The Certero Guide to IBM Software Licensing:

The Certero Guide to IBM Software Licensing:

IBM is one of the largest software vendors with many thousands of titles, over 30,000 products and more than 250 different licensing metrics. It also has one of the most complicated licensing models with numerous metrics that can be utilized to measure entitlement. This makes managing IBM software time consuming and costly, if it is not approached in the right way.

With IBM one of the top software vendors most likely to audit, the importance of being software compliant and managing your licensing cannot be overlooked. Like any software vendor, IBM is more likely to target those organizations that do not have good visibility of their installed IBM software and poor SAM processes. Do you feel ready for an IBM audit?

Download the white paper to understand:

  • The IBM Environment
  • How IBM software is licensed
  • Issues in using ILMT
  • The challenges in managing IBM software
  • How to overcome these challenges
  • How to better manage your IBM software environment

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